Building History


You’ve heard the expression, “If walls could talk…!”   Well, we’re not so sure we would want to hear all that this place would have to say!

History of Reflections Antiques & Gifts

We feel its uniqueness is not only in the retained architectural details, like the pressed tin ceiling, bullet holes, and the bar from the poker room, just to name a few, but in the connection and love of the people in the village and the surrounding small community of Nelsonville.


When we purchased “Waller’s Market” in September of 2003, it was one of a very few remaining, family owned and operating meat market/general stores in the state.  Replacing a little wooden saloon on the property, it was built in 1902 to continue a booming saloon business. This building has seen a few businesses come and go. After the saloon closed down, there was the pool hall and sandwich shop. Then the furniture store with the embalming room upstairs. And when we bought it, “Waller’s Market”.


Now, within these walls, we strive to preserve and pass on, the treasures that the people of the past worked so hard for and held so dear. We feel honored to be a part of the preservation of this building and the unique characters that make up the most important part of its history.


Feel free to stop in and pay us a visit and while you’re here, if you would like, we’ll be happy to tell you the REST of the story and give you a little tour!